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H3C has more than 20 years’ experience on Router since the first router launched in 1996, with the investment of market and R&D, H3C is the vendor that could provide complete router series and the comprehensive solution covering carries and enterprise scenarios. Especially in China, H3C is main enterprise router provider, and becomes the leader in digital solution. According to the latest survey, H3C branch routers have cumulative sales of over one million units and have accumulated more than 30,000 units of high-end routers.

H3C router uses universal software platform – Comware, the general software platform with proprietary intellectual property rights adopt distributed architecture, providing comprehensive function via converge IGP, BGP, MPLS, Segment Routing, QOS, Traffic Engineering, Multicast VPN, VxLAN, etc. Combined with innovative fully distributed NP / multi-core architecture system, H3C routers provides flexibility and 99.999% reliability at a "carrier level".

CR16000 Series is high-end distribution architecture router, which providing high-density 100G/40G/10G/GE ports, and offering high forwarding performance with commercial NP chips, supporting abundant standard protocols to adapt to variety of scenarios, CR16000 series cover all network layers and roles, and integrate Open Application Platform (OAP) modules to enhance service customization and satisfied upgrade needs.

SR66 Series is distribution architecture router, which provided for carrier, governments, power, finance, education, and enterprise customers. It is the first router series that uses the multi-core multi-threading architecture. Its brand-new hardware platform and service-oriented design meet the diversified requirements of users for future expansion, suiting the IT construction status quo and development trend.

MSR G2 is an open application architecture of multi-service routers. N-BUS technology and Open Application Architecture (OAA) give enterprises the flexibility to expand their business, providing the network’s high performance, deep integration of routing, switching, security and wireless to achieve an all-in-one network experience.

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