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H3C has maintained a leading position in the market in the field of government informatization for many years, and it has successively undertaken nine golden projects among the “twelve golden projects,” such as the Golden Shield Project, the Golden Finance Project, the Golden Insurance Project, the Golden Tax Project, the Golden Water Project, the Golden Gate Project, the Macroeconomics System, the Golden Quality Project and the Ministry of Agriculture Data Center. Its share exceeds 70% of the applications in the central ministries and commissions, such as the Supreme People’s Court, the Ministry of Justice, the State Administration of Taxation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the State Meteorological Administration, the State Oceanic Administration and the China Earthquake Administration. In addition, its market share exceeds 65% in the government LAN and WAN market, as well as in the Golden Insurance Project, land, taxation, the provincial industry and the commerce and WAN market. It has undertaken the construction of the national e-government external network and more than 20 provincial-level and more than 200 prefecture-level e-government networks. Its increased share of the state, provincial and municipal LANs for e-government exceeds 80%.

H3C has not stopped at its brilliant achievements but has instead been proactive and forward-looking, continuing to implement its new IT strategy, exerting its excellent innovation, R&D and operations and maintenance capabilities, firmly devoting itself to global government informatization, and contributing its own strengths to the practice of government service innovation and the construction of a service-oriented government.

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